Destiny Inn Sakaiminato

The destiny of man is in his own soul

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Excellent location in the center of Mizuki Shigeru Road

Our inn is very convenient because it is located at the center of Mizuki Shigeru Road. You can sightsee the Sakaiminato by using the rental bicycle.

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1 minute walking to Mizuki Shigeru Road. You can go main tourst spots by bike.

Road of Mizuki Shigeru
It is called "Mizuki Shigeru Road", approximately 800 meters from Sakaiminato station to Mizuki Shigeru Memorial hall. There are 177 bronze statues stand on the roadside. A variety of Kitaro products and restaurants are lined up along the road.
Sakaiminato Port Fishery Products Direct Distribution Center
It situated to the Sakaiminato fish market. Many Local peoples often buy fish at there. There are ten shops in that department and there are many fresh fish.
Yume Minato Tower
The height is 43 m, landmark of Sakaiminato. In the observation room on the top of floor, you can see greate panorama of Mt.Daisen, Sea of Japan, Yonago airport.
"Yumigahama peninsula" which is sandwiched between Miho bay and Nakaumi and continues across Yonago and Sakaiminato. To the east side is a coastline that arcs like abow for about 20 km.
Big bridge of Eshima (Rising slope with full accelerator)
This bridge is PC ramen bridge. This bridge is the third largest in the world, the largest PC ramen bridge in Asia. It is a bridge of 1704m in length that connects Sakaiminato City and Matsue City
Sakai Suido Ohashi
It is an enormous bridge across Tottori & Shimane pref. It is called Sakai Suido Ohashi and from the top, you can see great distances, and very beautiful scenery, too. Please be carefull for driving.
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Recommended second

Sakaiminato gourmet restaurants are within walking distance

There are reataurants where you can eat delicious and seasonal seafood that the local people usualiy to go. There are situsted within walking distance. We can recommend restaurants our owner went and eat.

Let's go eat something delicious ♪

Fresh tuna sashimi in a pub where fisherman often go
Bought seafood at the market, and barbecue
Cheap and delicious seafood bowl
For breakfast, set meals to be relieved at the next coffee shop
Hand-made sandwich at a fashionable cafe in the town
Comparison of Japanese sake drinking with sake brewery

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Offer a room type to suit various traveling styles

Japanese style room (3 to 4 people capacity), family room (7 people capacity Western style room), dormitory (for both men and women, for women only), western style room with pets to stay with (capacity for 4 people, with dedicated dog run)

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Alone, two people, group, Any trip is okay ♪

Japanese Style Room (1 to 4 People)
This room is on the 1st floor and has a veranda on the 6 tatami mat. The edge is facing the grand court. Capacity: Up to 4 people TV · Wifi available
Japanese style room (1 to 3 people capacity)
It is a Japanese-style room on the second floor with tatami mats. You can overlook the Shimane Peninsula and the waterway from the room. Capacity: Up to 3 people TV · Wifi available
Japanese style room (1 to 3 people capacity)
It is a standard type Japanese room on the second floor. Capacity: Up to 3 people TV · Wifi available
Family Room (7 people capacity Western style room)
It is a seven-person private room with three two-stage bed and one sofa bed. Capacity: Up to 7 people TV · Wifi available, with outlet (each bed)
Dormitory (for men and women, for women only, capacity for 6 people)
It is a dormitory room with six people with three two-stage bed. Curtains are installed in each bed. Since you can not see the inside, laundry is also put on. Capacity: Up to 6 people TV · Wifi available, with outlet (each bed)
Western-style room with pets (1 to 4 people capacity, with dedicated dog run)
It is a room to stay with your dog. Of course you can use it as a normal room. You can spend time with your precious dog in the room. Because it is an independent building, it is okay if the dog sings. Please have your time traveling as a member of your family. Capacity: Up to 4 people Refrigerator, microwave, TV / Wifi available


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