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The destiny of man is in his own soul



Why did I start Destiny Inn? My feeling for my customers.

I would like traveler to enjoy the Sakaiminato more slowly
About 2-3 million toursts come over to Sakaimnato every year. However, most of them do not stay. I would like many tourists to stay and to do sightseeing more slowly, feel free. So I wanted to effectively utilize the inn that my grandfather used to operate, and to offer an accommodation where tourst can easily stay.

Sakaiminato is a town with Yonago airport .Yonago airport is operated by Hong Kong and Seoul and Haneda flights. Mizuki Shigeru Road is a 15-minute drive from the airport. There is also an international route, and the only regular service route connecting Japan and Russia is in service. And also Sakaiminato is the port of a large passenger ship.40 to 60 large passenger ships annually a year.

The San’in region has many attractive sightseeing spots.
Please make sure to enjoy the Sanini journey with this Sakaiminato base as the gate city from overseas.

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