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The history of Destiny Inn Sakaiminato starts from 1950. Before Destiny Inn Sakaiminato was previously managed by my grandfather as a Tokiwa Ryokan.

The history of Destiny Inn dates back to 1947. Originally the grandfather’s opening restaurant “Tokiwa” is beginning. As a place for people going and leaving Oki-island and Sakaiminato, and after that, he founded the “Tokiwa Ryokan” for people who need accommodation due to the windward wait of a regular ship. At Sakaiminato, which was a major transportation hub for a long time, he offered people a place to eat, relax and staying. About 70 years later, the “Tokiwa Ryokan” revived as “Destiny Inn” to the Sakaiminato as a key tourist destination.


The birth of my grandfather

Grandfather born in the Meiji era


Founder of “Tokiwa” which is the predecessor of Tokiwa Ryokan

Not only local people, but also people who go to Oki Island is enjoying their meals here.


Tokiwa Ryokan founded

Liner ships coming and going through Oki Island are often canceled when the ocean is sinking, and many passengers are stuck at Sakaiminato for many days. Therefore, in addition to providing food and drink, we provide accommodation places and establish “Tokiwa Ryokan”.


My birth

I was born in showa era


The first San'in trip with my classmates

Picture I went on a journey with my classmate when I was in junior high school. Around this time, the Sleeping Limited Express Blue Train Izumo was running.


Tokiwa Ryokan closed.

My grandfather is over 80 years old. My father works for a fishery related company in Tokyo, so there is no successor, and Tokiwa Ryokan closes its history for 33 years.


Start renovation work of building

I inherited the strong feelings and will to the Sakaiminato of my father who passed away this year and started repairing the building.


Guest House Destiny Inn Sakaminato OPEN

Refurbishment of one of the five buildings (Old Tokiwa Ryokan annex) completed. Guesthouse Destiny Inn Sakaiminato opened.


Destiny Inn Doggy House OPEN

The refurbishment of the former Tokiwa Ryokan detached building was completed and Destiny Inn Doggy House opened.


Destiny Inn Dog run & BBQ OPEN scheduled


Destiny Inn Chiba OPEN scheduled


Destiny Inn Shinagawa Tokyo OPEN scheduled

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