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We will introduce questions receive frequently from customers.

We gathered answers to frequently asked questions and doubts from customers. Please see before you contact us. Please let me know anything unclear. We will update the page each time.

Can you keep my luggage before check-in and after checkout?
There is enough space beside the bed, so you can put large luggage.For security, there is a chain lock for luggage (pay lending).
Is there a parking lot.
It can park up to 2 cars and 5 bikes. There is a chargeable parking lot nearby in the case of full car.No reservation, first come first served
Is there a supermarket nearby, a convenience store?
There are Lawson, the supermarket, the discount store cosmos in the place about 10 minutes on foot.
Can I wash and dry clothes?
There is a washing machine and a dryer. Just a dryer is for home use, so it takes time.Those who are in a hurry are coin washing and drying machines in the place of 5 minutes on foot and the finish time is convenient quickly.
Is the toilet Western-style?
The inn has two toilets. It is a western-style toilet with a toilet seat heater.
Is there a hair dryer?
We have a hair dryer in washroom.
Do you serve food?
There is no meal in this hotel. However, there is not much inconvenience because there are many meals nearby.There is also a morning cafe next to it, which is convenient as it will be open from 7:00 at morning. Closed on Sunday
What amenities are available at your Inn?
Things that can be used free of charge
    Hair Dryer
    Shampoo, Body soap

Things that can be used for a fee.
    Bath towel rental 100 yen
    Hand wash towel (purchase) 100 yen
    Toothbrush 100 yen
    Washing machine 200 yen
    Dryer 300 yen

Is there a bathing facility near the inn?
6-minute walk from the inn, there is a day-trip bathing of Onyado “Nono”, Sakai port sauna.
How about security?
A key with a secret code is installed in the entrance and each room in each and it becomes a double lock.Moreover, the password number is changed as appropriate.
What is the surroundings like?
You can go to “Mizuki Shigeru Road” 1 minute on foot.Opposite the inn, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, the Shimane Peninsula, and enjoy the atmosphere of the port town .
Do you have a curfew?
No we don’t .You may come and go as you , but please lock the door when you leave.

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